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healthcare solution

The easy, Low-Cost, Non-Insurance way to get your
daily healthcare needs met!

Plans Start at just $36/month:

Happy family saves more every month with this Affordable Healthcare subscription

No Red-Tape, No Co-Pays, No Hassle:

This Is healthcare, as it should be

You’re in control with this affordable healthcare subscription bundle!
For a low monthly fee, you’ll gain access to 4 key healthcare services:

Save more with at-cost prescriptions

Gain Access To Our Membership-Based Pharmacy That Gives You Access To Over 4,000 Prescription Drugs At Their Actual Wholesale Price
Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs Pricing vs Revolt Health Network
How much could you save?
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Quest labs are a key part of this affordable healthcare solution
$0 Cost*

Quest Labs

Simply show your membership card to your local Quest Labs location to have your labs run completely free*!

Quest is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services with over 1,000 of the most common tests available to members!

*All QuestSelect™ lab services are covered by your affordable monthly healthcare subscription.

Unlimited Telemedicine

Your robust telemedicine portal is the perfect hub to keep track of all your appointments, free Quest lab orders, prescription orders, and medical records.

Concierge Patient Advocacy

Never again will you have to wonder what your healthcare will cost or where to get care! Your Concierge Patient Advocate is an invaluable part of this affordable healthcare solution and they are available year-round to help you:

pre-price procedures

  • Find the best price for doctor-ordered procedures
  • Find discounts or codes to lower costs

negotiate medical bills

- Or Get Them Erased Entirely!

Concierge Patient Advocacy services enhance this affordable healthcare subscription by helping individuals, families, and employees pre-price their care and negotiate hospital bills

Smart Benefits With Even Smarter Pricing!

Makes affordable healthcare accessible to everyone!

Patient Powered Plan

Subscriptions Starts At:
$ 36
/ month
  • At-Cost Prescription Access
  • Free Out-patient quest labs
  • Virtual Primary Care
  • Expert Medical Billing Support

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