24/7 Telemedicine

Virtual access to comprehensive, quality primary care, urgent care, and telecounseling anywhere in the U.S.

Telemedicine virtual primary, urgent, and telecounseling healthcare solution

Easily talk to your doctor or therapist anytime

$0 out-of-pocket costs for virtual telemedicine visits and your choice of a U.S. based, board certified virtual primary care provider that fits your personal preferences and needs.

Complete care coordination, referrals, e-prescribing and wellness support so you can better manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension.

Simply select “Telemedicine” from your member portal to get the phone number to connect with a doctor right away or follow the steps to setup your account for video calls. 

Once you setup your telemedicine account, you’ll have the option to select a primary care doctor, as well as a therapist who you can connect with for your day-to-day needs.

Your telemedicine providers will be able to order your Free Quest labs, as well as your wholesale prescriptions!

The telemedicine app makes
managing your care easy

CareClix Telemedicine App