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Your Membership gives you access to over 4,000 generic
prescription drugs at their actual wholesale cost!
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Your New easy-to-use
Digital Pharmacy!

When you first login to your member portal, you’ll need to follow the instructions to setup your digital pharmacy account. This will allow your doctor to order prescriptions for you directly.

Once you’ve setup your account, your doctor will be able to order your prescriptions from our digital pharmacy, the same way they’d order from the pharmacy down the road. 

When your prescriptions are ready, you’ll receive a notification to review your order and checkout online. 

After checkout your medications will be shipped directly to your door! You’ll also never have to worry about missing a refill, because our system will send refill reminders when it’s time to reorder. 

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Revolt Health Network's Affordable Healthcare Solution Prescription pricing vs Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drug price comparison

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