The Non-Insurance Healthcare
Solution for Employers

Give your employees, easy access to the healthcare services they
need most - for one low monthly fee!

Easily retain employees with affordable healthcare benefits

No Insurance Hassles:

Easily retain employees with benefits like:

at-cost prescription drugs
Quest Labs
Unlimited telemedicine
concierge patient advocacy

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“56% of employees said:

health coverage was a key factor in deciding to stay at their current job.”

Benefits are easy to use
& Can save employees thousands!

Discover how to use each benefit:

“$47,006 Surgery Savings!”

“When Tyler’s* Doctor recommended knee surgery, his parents were shocked by the $52,000 estimate they received – and rightfully so, since that price is nearly 13x the national average cost for such a surgery!

Their Concierge Team was able to find two alternative options for Tyler’s knee surgery. One facility was in their local community and only $4,994. The other was a few cities over and only $3,700. Both of these quotes are now consistent with national averages!

By choosing either of these new options, Tyler’s parents will be saving at least $47,006!

*Name was changed to protect privacy.”

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Concierge Patient Advocacy services enhance this affordable healthcare subscription by helping individuals, families, and employees pre-price their care and negotiate hospital bills