Our Mission:

Simple, Affordable Healthcare
Solutions, For Families Like Yours​

We all know that healthcare industry is rigged to enrich executives,
We’re here to change that!

our Discount Health Network Pairs perfectly
with your existing insurance!

The Devolved Healthcare Network Model

A Message From One of Our Founders

The US healthcare system has been predatory for way too long and we founded the Revolt Healthcare Alliance so that we could help you by-pass those predatory practices. Over the last four years we’ve saved families and companies like yours over $17 million dollars by lowering their healthcare costs with our innovative solutions that completely disintermediate major medical insurance carriers altogether.

You do not need them anymore.

The Revolt Health Network is just our latest innovation. In simple terms our network is a direct care network that provides the most commonly used out-patient services at a discounted membership rate. We’ve effectively removed the middlemen along with their predatory fees. Our new network and Patient Powered Plans put you back in control of your healthcare costs. It also enables a private relationship between you and your doctors with no interference from insurance companies trying to control your treatment plans.

To learn more about how the Revolt team and many other brokers, doctors, technology companies, and TPAs are partnering with one another to build an entirely new healthcare economy download the report: Devolution Healthcare: A Thriving Parallel Healthcare Economy

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mark Geiger Co Founder of Revolt Healthcare Alliance

mark j. geiger

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Benton Jones Co-Founder of Revolt Healthcare Alliance

benton m. jones

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Dana Geiger Chief HR Officer of Revolt Healthcare Alliance

dana kelly-geiger

chief human resources officer

Samantha McHone, CMO of Revolt Healthcare Alliance

samantha m. mcHone

chief marketing officer

healthcare concierge specialist

want to join our team?

We are committed to fighting against the status quo and increasing affordable access to quality care while helping our clients protect both their health and their families’ income.

The Concierge will act as a navigator and coordinator to proactively engage and assist in finding the healthcare services clients need.