How It Works

Your Subscription makes managing your healthcare
as easy as calling an uber or booking an AirBnB!

Discover how easy it is to use your subscription-based healthcare services

1. Login to your member portal

Your member portal is where you’ll be able to access all of your healthcare services and membership cards.

Some of your healthcare services will require a few simple steps to enable:

Follow the instructions in your portal to setup your account with our Digital Pharmacy, so that your doctor can order prescriptions for you online!

No setup required! Simply login to your portal, download your membership cards, and show them to your doctor at your next appointment. 

Follow the instructions in your member portal to setup your telemedicine, so that you can communicate directly with your chosen provider. Your virtual primary care doctor can order your free Quest labs and prescriptions from your digital pharmacy! 

No setup required! Simply login to your portal, select “Concierge,” and start communicating with your personal healthcare billing specialist immediately!

2. Start Using your Membership!

Discover how to use each healthcare service:

frequently Asked Questions
about these healthcare services

Absolutely not! Within 24 hours of purchasing your membership, your portal will be ready for you to login and start using! 

Nope. Your monthly subscription fee covers everything. The only additional cost would be your prescription drugs, which your membership allows you to purchase at-wholesale-cost!

Yes! The Revolt Health Network enables direct provider/patient relationships eliminating the high cost and hard to access barriers associated with insurance products.

No – Your concierge specialist can only negotiate medical bills incurred after joining the Revolt Health Network. 

with Your Concierge Membership
our experts Pre-Price your healthcare

You’ll always know exactly how much your care will cost, before you see a doctor