Patient Advocacy

Don’t navigate the healthcare system alone! With Concierge patient advocacy you have year-round access to US-based Medical Billing experts!

US-Based Industry Experts Help You:

negotiate predatory bills

Think you’re being overcharged?
Send your bill to our Concierge patient advocacy team. They will highlight any suspicious charges and negotiate on your behalf.

Most bills are reduced or eliminated.

pre-price procedures

Need a procedure, but haven’t met your deductible?
Your Concierge Patient Advocate will shop for the lowest, non-insurance cash-pay price for your procedure.*

Significantly lowering your out-of-pocket costs!

*cash-pay services are not applied to your deductible.

“$47,006 Surgery Savings!”

“When Tyler’s* Doctor recommended knee surgery, his parents were shocked by the $52,000 estimate they received – and rightfully so, since that price is nearly 13x the national average cost for such a surgery!

Their Concierge Team was able to find two alternative options for Tyler’s knee surgery. One facility was in their local community and only $4,994. The other was a few cities over and only $3,700. Both of these quotes are now consistent with national averages!

By choosing either of these new options, Tyler’s parents will be saving at least $47,006!
*Name was changed to protect privacy.”

Getting support to manage your healthcare costs is easy!

Login to your Revolt Healthcare Network Portal and select “Concierge Patient Advocacy” to connect with a specialist. No additional setup required!

You can easily submit a ticket to request procedure prepricing or predatory bill negotiation. You’ll be able to upload the bill in question right away. 

One of our Concierge Patient Advocates will contact you within 48 business hours to let you know that your ticket is being taken care of and to request any additional information they may need. Shopping-smart for your healthcare is that simple!

Real People, With Real Savings

*Names & Photos were changed per HIPAA requirements